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School Met
in math
% proficient Proficient
in reading
% proficient Overall rating Achievement gap rating MMR designation Title I school SIG school
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State Summary (all students) 258,925 61 249,450 59
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State Summary (public) 247,859 62 238,685 60
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Orono (all schools)   1,142 77 1,168 77
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Orono Intermediate Elementary   522 82 481 76 80.7 84.1 Reward Yes
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Orono Middle   470 73 493 77 75.51 80.48 No
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Orono Senior High   150 72 194 83 88.14 87.33 No

About the tests
Minnesota students in third through eighth grade take the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) in reading and math. In addition 10th-graders take a reading test and 11th-graders take a math test. Students need not make a certain score to go on to the next grade.

Private schools can choose whether to test their students. They are not required to report scores and demographic data.

Low-income: Percent of test-takers eligible for free or reduced lunch program.

Mobile: Test-takers new to the school since Oct. 1 of the school year.