Top female executives
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Executive Company 2014 total comp. 2013 total comp. 1-year percent change 1-year percent stock change
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Gail Boudreaux
UnitedHealth Group Inc. 14,461,000 13,556,382 6.7 36.5
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Pamela Joseph
U.S. Bancorp 10,902,472 5,344,377 104.0 13.8
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Sharon McCollam Best Buy Co. Inc. 4,922,528 4,162,839 18.2 53.1
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Sally Smith Buffalo Wild Wings Inc. 4,898,032 5,580,758 -12.2 22.5
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Shari Ballard Best Buy Co. Inc. 4,814,579 2,593,686 85.6 53.1
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Cheryl Beranek Clearfield Inc. 4,309,913 1,276,715 237.6 -5.2
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Jody Feragen Hormel Foods Corp. 3,993,674 3,828,410 4.3 26.1
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Kathryn Tesija
Target Corp. 3,771,848 8,402,312 -55.1 34.1
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Tina Schiel Target Corp. 3,555,257 3,500,686 1.6  
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LuAnn Via Christopher & Banks Corp. 3,525,808 846,496 316.5 -27.0

The annual Star Tribune compensation survey examined compensation data for the largest publicly-held companies in Minnesota. Proxy information for some companies was not available at press time; the survey analyzed information from more than 150 public companies. Total compensation includes all cash payments, deferred compensation and the monetary value of stock awarded, as specified by each company in its annual proxy statement or 10-K filing. Total compensation also includes any gains from the exercise of stock options. The chart on this page includes top executives within each company, ranked in order of total compensation.

Ch - Chairman
Chw - Chairwoman
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
P - President
COO - Chief Operating Officer
Sec. - Secretary
NM - Not meaningful
NR - Not ranked
- Means not available
Source: Company reports


Median total pay of chief executive officers in 2014 rose 17.9 percent to $1.21 million, the second highest median figure since 2008. Here are the 95 largest CEO pay packages among public companies we examined.

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