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Executive Company 2016 Rank 2016 total comp. 2015 Rank 2015 total comp. 1-year percent change 1-year percent stock change
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The Star Tribune examined annual proxy statements and 10-K filings for the largest publicly held companies in Minnesota. All data are for the most recently completed fiscal year, which in most cases was the 2016 calendar year. Some executives were not included if their pay information was not available at press time. Executives are ranked based on total compensation. The Star Tribune counts salary, bonus, other compensation, the value of restricted stock that vested during the year and the value of options that were exercised during the year. Information was taken from proxy statements filed before June 1, 2017.

Ch - Chairman
Chw - Chairwoman
CEO - Chief Executive Officer
P - President
COO - Chief Operating Officer
Sec. - Secretary
NM - Not meaningful
NR - Not ranked
- Means not available
Source: Company reports


Total compensation for CEOs at 50 public companies in Minnesota increased 16.2 in 2016. Retiring executives at major companies realizing the value from their long-term equity awards drove overall compensation. We looked at the compensation packages of CEOs and other executives from proxies filed before June 1, 2017.

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